Micro fastener Microplast®/ velour and cable fastening

Art. 25445-H1 - Microplast®

Art. 87293-K5 - Velour

Microplast® is an innovative, micro extruded, ultra-thin and three-dimensional film. It holds tenaciously on any velour or brushed counterpart.

Applications: panels fastening, components, instrumentation, booths, interior furniture for cars, ships, planes, and trains. Furniture assembling, building, exhibitions setups, internal furniture, tents, tarpaulins, and pavilions.

Art. 25446-A5 - Microplast® velour

Thin and flexible tape available in 10 m rolls with a height of 16mm, sewable.
It closes on itself, it is composed, on one side, of multiple micro extruded "mushrooms" and, on the other, of soft velour.
The Microplast® mushroom is hexagonal and works at 360°. It holds on to all velvet, gauze and felt surfaces.

Applications: cables fastening, packing, gardening, DIY.