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Utilineashop is the online retailer for all the Gottlieb Binder GmbH & Co. KG. products.

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Binder - The most suitable fastening systems for your needs, 100% made in Germany.

Hook and loop fasteners have revolutionized the fastening world in the last few years.
Binder offers the most complete range of hook and loop adhesive tapes for technical fastenings on the market. Utilineashop supplies Gottlieb Binder GmbH & Co. KG's closing systems exclusively made in Germany.

To discover the world of Binder:

A declaration from the supplier with German certificate of origin about the goods, according to (EG) Nr. 1207/2001, can be sent on request.

The production is in compliance with REACH (EC) 1907/2006 regulations and DIN 3415 part 2.

Binder products' characteristics

Countless openings and closings; high tensile strength; efficient adhesives for all surfaces; high and low temperatures resistant tapes; fire-retardant proprieties. These are some of our products' properties.

To get more details about our products' technical aspects:

Field of application of our fastening systems

The versatility of the Binder products, sold by Utilinea, makes them suitable for many fields. Explore the categories shown at the top and on the left of our home page to get more details about using our products for specific applications.

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Klettostar® DIN 3415 part 2 hook and loop fastener

hook and loop system Klettostar®
The standard fastener for a high number of openings and closings.

Made of polyamide, Klettostar® is sewable and suitable for heat, ultrasonic and HF welding.

Supplied with synthetic rubber or acrylic adhesive, it is suitable for all kind of surfaces, even low-energy ones.

Woven in Polyphenylene sulphide (PPS) resists temperatures above 200°C.

Through a vaporised silver treatment we can offer an electrically conductive fastener.

On all the Klettostar® standard range it is also possible to have "a fire-retardant finish".

DUOTEC® mushroom-shaped Closing

mushroom fastener Duotec®
This mushroom-shaped adhesive product provides a fastener with a high tensile strength of up to 35 N/cm² (ca. 3,5 kg) and it is considered a valid alternative to classic systems like screws, nails and rivets.

The availability of different acrylic and synthetic rubber adhesives allows for bonding onto the majority of surfaces, even low energy, with a temperature range that goes from -40°C to +160°C.

The Duotec® system is a monocomponent with a precise interlocking action that ensures a fast and secure closurewith high strength.

The interiors of cars, trains, planes and ships are designed using Duotec® fastening clips which fulfil specific and complex needs.

The system is so versatile and practical that is not solely used for industrial purposes, but also in the craft industry and DIY.

The History of fastening systems

George De Mestral is the brilliant inventor of the hook and loop system.

In fact, observing a burdock plant he realised that the seeds attached and detached on fabrics. So he invented the word Velcro®, registered trademark since 1978, born from the union of two French words: velour (velvet) and crochet (hook).

Today, hook and loop closings are used on several production processes.