Gecko® Nanoplast® - with adhesive 31


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  • width: 100mm

  • color: nature

  • packing unit:

Gecko® Nanoplast® - with adhesive 31


- Maximum tape width: 100 millimetre
- thickness: ca. 0,34 millimetre
- Temperature range: -30°C to +150°C
- Tensile strength ca. 1,5 N/cm²
- it does not leave residues on removal.
- It also works in vacuum environment.
- Washable and reusable.
- Die-cut.

Adhesive characteristic

100% high performance acrylic with red protective film. Great initial adhesion on several materials like metal, stone, ceramics, glass, lacquered surfaces, PVC and ABS, adhesion that increases with time. Virtually resistant to weather and water.

Temperatures in use from -30° to +150°C (for short periods of time) according to base surface and load

For adhesive application methods please refer to the technical notes of our website.

The product complies with the following norms:

- Cytotoxicity test DIN EN ISO 10993-5, 1999-11 Biological tests Medical devices.
- Primary Skin Irritation test DIN EN ISO 10993-10
- Haemocompatibility test ISO 10993-4 (Thromocyte, Haematolytic, Coagulation, Complement activation)
- Air permeability test ASTM D1434-82

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