Gecko® Nanoplast® silicone film that uses van der Waals' forces, just like a magnet

Art. 70140 - Gecko® Nanoplast®

Gecko® is a silicone film with a thickness of ca. 0, 34 millimetre and with ca. 29,000 engaging elements per cm ².

It exploits the principle of forze di van der Waals' forces: an electrostatic interaction that creates an intermolecular attraction, like a series of small magnets.

It works on all clean, perfectly flat and smooth surfaces like: glass, metals (also painted), marble, ceramics, and plastics; also in the presence of water, oils and soaps.

Tested in industry for more than a million cycle’s pickup/drop replacing a vacuum pump.

It is supplied with or without adhesive.

Gecko® Nanoplast® has won the following awards:

- iF material design award 2011
- MATERIALICA Design & Technology Material Award 2011