Duotec® fastener mushroom shaped monocomponent for strong fastenings

Art. 75763 and Art. 73763 - Duotec® - Technical monocomponents fasteners made in Germany

Art. 76460 - Mididuotec® - Technical monocomponents fasteners made in Germany

Mushroom-shaped fastener, polyamide base structure with polypropylene connective elements.

Great tensile strength: approximately 35N/cm ² for the black article 75763, approximately 30N/cm ² for the white article 73763 and approximately 15N/cm ² for the white article 76460. Available in 25mm with synthetic rubber and acrylic based adhesives also suitable for low-energy surfaces, pre die-cut table, fire retardant, in clip version.

Applications: panel fastening, components, instrumentation, interiors for cars, ships, planes and trains. Furniture assembly, construction, exhibitions, internal furnishings, tents, tarpaulins and awnings.

Advantages: high strength for vertical applications, sewable, vibration resistant, available as clips and profiles, acrylic and synthetic rubber-based adhesives with a great temperature range.