Certified face shield with Klettostar® hook and loop fastener

Art. VI31524

The face shield is an individual protection device, it has the function of protecting the wearer from contact with droplets or splashes from a foreign body.

The strength of our visor is simplicity of use and lightness.
Its weight is only 80 gr. and this determines the maximum comfort for the user. It can also be comfortably lifted, allowing the user to change the protective mask while while still wearing the device.
The face shield fits perfectly the wearer's head by using the Klettostar® hook and loop closure system.
Since it is entirely made of water repellent and closed cell materials, it can be fully disinfected by immersing it in alcoholic or hydrochloric solutions.
It is made of 100% recyclable materials to be disposed of as plastic waste.

This device meets the requirements of the UNI EN 166: 2014 standard and is certified by INAIL.